Immanuel Church



We are a young Anglican Church in Vancouver with a heart to grow a socially mixed community committed to seeing God transform our lives.  You can check out some of our key values below. 

Our Values:


Truthful, Transforming, Relevant & Rooted. 


These four words are significant to our community as they remind us of some truths about who God is and who we want to be in response to him.  Each word is explored a little below.



Truthful - Come as you are

We want Immanuel to be the kind of place where anyone can come and be themselves, with all their strengths & weaknesses.  We want this to be a 'safe place to be you'. 


Transforming - Expect to be changed

Although we come as we are, we also believe that nobody is beyond the need or the power to be changed in to the image of Christ.  We expect to see transformation in our lives - it’s what normally happens when we have a relationship with Jesus. We will earnestly seek the work of the Holy Spirit together using scripture, tradition and reason.   


Relevant - Making the Gospel accessible

We want to make the Gospel accessible to everyone. We want to intentionally act and speak in ways that make sense to our family, friends & neighbors.


Rooted - Belong and Commit

We are thankful for our Anglican heritage, and our family in the Anglican Network in Canada. We want to be actively engaged in church life with one another, and our community, and be anchored in God's family.