Immanuel Church





Every Sunday we have two main events going on - Kids Church and the Adults church.  


The Adults church has the most people in it, but Kids Church has the elite!  We really believe that Jesus is clear that the children are in many ways more important than the adults.  We pray not that they will grow up to be like us, but rather that they will grow up with 'the faith of a child', and that we in turn would grow up to be like them.


The Kids and adults are together for the first 20 mins of the service and then they go out to their groups.  Each group has leaders that are passionate about working with kids and committed to seeing them grow and learn while having fun!  Each leader has to go through an interview process, provide references and pass a criminal record test provided by the local Police Department.  We treat child safety very seriously - we want our kids to have fun and be safe while learning together about the God who loves them so much.